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Screening Room

Shotgun & RV Powered Review Pipeline for Digital Studios


Tweak and Shotgun have teamed up to build a seamless review pipeline that combines the performance and flexibility of RV's advanced media engine and the collaborative, connected, cloud-based power of Shotgun's production tracking.




RV-based collaborative review from the desktop to the screening room

    Shotgun Screening Room is built on the Shotgun platform and integrated directly into RV as a plugin, combining Shotgun's powerful and flexible cloud-based framework for production tracking, collaboration, with RV's high-performance media architecture. Here's a little bit of what Screening Room can do:



    Video Tour, Details at Shotgun Software

    Screening Room is  available from Shotgun Software as a part of Shotgun.  To learn more about Screening Room and watch the video tour, please visit  Shotgun Software.