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RVLS Image Info Tool


RVLS is a command-line image and sequence information tool that shares RV's image I/O and sequence parsing abilities. Like the name suggests, it is similar to the unix 'ls' command. RVLS can analyze the contents of a directory and list the sequences in the proper syntax for RV's command line. RVLS can also display image attributes for any format supported by RV. RVLS comes bundled with RV.

RV Sequence Notation

RVLS analyzes filenames and figures out if they can be logically grouped into RV sequences. Sequence descriptions from  RVLS can be used directly on the RV command-line. This makes RVLS a useful scripting tool for integrating RV and RVIO into proprietary pipelines and processes. Here are examples of RVLS sequence notation output. Note that RV and RVLS automatically figure out that the 'inc040_comp_v013 sequences contain all frames 25 through 175 and then only every fifth frame from 175 to 200.


[host:~/inv2k] % rvls 

[host:~/inv2k] % rvls -l
      w x h      typ   #ch   fps   #fr   file
    640 x 480     8i   3       0   349   ./hippo.1-350#.jpg
   1920 x 800    16f   3       0    17   ./vfx019_b44_1080p.1917-1934#.exr
   2048 x 1556   16i   1       0    23   ./vfx018_020.1001-1024#.dpx

Image Info Attributes

RVLS gives you access on the command-line to the same image attributes that RV displays in it's info widget. If you are familiar with tiffinfo or exrinfo commands, you can think of RVLS as a general purpose version of those format specific tools.


RV Lions Image Info


The image attributes displayed in the RV info widget above can be read on the command-line using RVLS. The output for the same file looks like this:

[host:~/lions] seth% rvls -x vfx018_020_plate_v001.1156.exr

               Resolution   2048 x 1556, 4ch, 16 bits/ch floating point
                 Channels   R, G, B, A
                     File   vfx018_020_plate_v001.1156.exr
                 Sequence   vfx018_020_plate_v001.1156.exr
             ChannelsRead   R, G, B, A
    ChannelSamplingInFile   A:1, B:1, G:1, R:1
       ChannelNamesInFile   A, B, G, R
           ChannelsInFile   4
    EXR/screenWindowWidth   1
   EXR/screenWindowCenter   (0 0)
     EXR/pixelAspectRatio   1
            EXR/lineOrder   DECREASING_Y
        EXR/displayWindow   (0 0) - (2047 1555)
           EXR/dataWindow   (0 0) - (2047 1555)
          EXR/compression   PIZ_COMPRESSION