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RVIO Specifications

RVIO Transcoding for the Renderfarm





System Requirements for Full Feature Set

Please NOTE: These requirements are for the software-only version of RVIO, which is suitable for running on machines without graphics hardware. This software-only version is available only on Linux at this time. The requirements for the hardwaare-accelerated version of RVIO (RVIO_HW) are basically the same as for RV.

  • Linux x86 Kernel version 2.6.23 or newer
  • Apple Intel Mac OSX: no software-only version available, please use RVIO_HW
  • Windows 7: no software-only version available, please use RVIO_HW


  • Quicktime, mp4, and AVI movie files with audio (support varies per platform)
  • Quicktime 7 on Mac and Windows
  • libquicktime on Linux (Photo/Motion JPEG,DV, and Raw)
  • Full support of OpenEXR including multiple channels, layers, views, input color spaces and metadata
  • TIFF (including floating point), scan line and tiled (texture formats)
  • Cineon/DPX and associated metadata
  • PNG, GIF, JPEG, RLA, RGBE/A, SGI, Photoshop, Pixar Z, and others
  • Optional high-quality resolution down sampling (color and/or size)
  • Audio AIFF, WAV, and others (AAC, MP3, etc on Windows and Mac)
  • Import LUT formats: IRIDAS (.cube), Rising Sun (.csp), Nuke (.vf), Shake, Apple (.mga), Panavision (.a3d), Inferno (.3dl) and RV specific (.rvchlut, .rv3dlut) LUT formats
  • C++ SDK for image, movie file, and codec plug-ins (Linux and Mac OS X)


  • Any combination of mono input formats can be used to create stereo: sequences of images, movie files
  • Multiple track quicktime movies
  • Multiple view OpenEXR (with layers) high dynamic range stereo
  • Stereo sources can be sequenced like single view sources

Multiple  Layers

  • Simple compositing: over, difference, etc
  • Tiled view
  • Picture in picture
  • Multiple image comparision using interactive wipes (renders as comp)


  • Audio time shift per input source or globally
  • Multiple mixed audio sources
  • Arbitrary input and output rates
  • Time compression and expansion

Scriptable Slates and Overlays

  • Slates
  • Watermarks
  • Frame Burn in
  • Mattes
  • Logos/Bugs