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RVIO Transcoding for the Renderfarm





RVIO is a standalone, command-line, image and audio pipeline tool that shares RV's core technology. RVIO can make dailies or client reviews with custom slates and meta-data burn-in, ingest plates, and output film ready final frames. It can color correct, composite, conform, and convert, and it can run on your renderfarm or use the graphics card on your workstation.  RVIO works with special stereoscopic formats like OpenExr 'SXR' files as well as multi-track stereo Quicktime movies, and it can output sequences using OpenExr B44 compression. RV and RVIO combine to make a powerful platform for working with moving images and audio.


Floating point, High Dynamic Range Image and Audio Pipeline

Just like RV, RVIO handles images and audio with full 32 bit floating point precision.


RVIO reads all of the image and movie formats that RV does, and it writes most of them. RVIO preserves high dynamic range image data, and gives you fine control over output image parameters. For example, RVIO lets you control the output bitdepth and storage format (e.g. 16 bit float, 8 bit int, etc.), subsampling of planar images (e.g. YUV 4:4:4, 4:2:2, 4:1:1), and whether to premultiply or un-premultiply alpha and color. RV also gives you control over how channels are mapped from input to output.


RVIO shares a rich command-line interface with RV. So the same command-line used to launch RV can also be used with RVIO to specify the input for an image processing or conversion operation.  RVIO also reads .rv session files, so you can set up sequences or edits in RV and batch process them with RVIO.

Slate, Matte, Watermark and Overlay


RVIO Slate and Overlays


RVIO comes with scripts for creating slates and for adding overlays such as mattes, watermarks, frame counters, and bugs or logos. The scripts that come with RVIO are ready to use, and like the rest of RV they can be modified and customized by users. You can also write completely custom slate and burn-in scripts using RV's extension language with full access to RVIO's internal image and sequence information. For example ,you could generate slates from environment variables or by getting information from a shot database or other program. Or, you could burn in multiple frame numbers (say frames and time-code).

Resolution Independence

RVIO automatically conforms input images to the output resolution. This makes it very easy to work with movies and sequences of different resolutions, as is often the case with shots at different stages of completion (comps at 2K exr, animation at 1K JPEG, animatics at video res Quicktime movies, etc.).  Just by changing the target resolution,  RVIO can easily be used to generate a high-res movie for dailies or a low-res movie for transfer to the client.

Color Correct

RVIO has the same flexible and powerful color correction features as RV and can be used to bake in file and display luts, to do log-lin conversions, and to remove or add gamma.

Comp, compare, tile, picture-in-picture

dan_compare_rvio         galapagos_tile_rvio

Session File Overlay


RVIO  reads RV's native session files, the .rv file, which adds the ability to do compositing operations. This means that any view that can be set up in RV (such as tiled movies, picture-in-picture, multi-level compare, over, difference, etc.) can easily be rendered by RVIO. This makes RVIO a convenient and powerful tool for creating reference material such as animation takes with reference video in a window, or a four-up tiled movie of different takes of a shot. Rv session files can also be used to generate slap comps (with any number of layers).


RV and RVIO both handle any number of audio layers per source, with arbitrary sampling rates. So RVIO can be used for mixing/blending audio from mulitple sources into a single soundtrack for a movie or sequence. RVIO can process audio without video, so it can be used on the desktop or in your pipeline to convert between audio formats and files and to edit and output audio sequences.

Stereoscopic 3D

Anaglyph Olympic National Park


RVIO supports the same stereo formats as RV. It can read and write multi-track quicktime movies (with a track per eye), and it can read and write OpenExr, 'SXR' files. This makes RVIO convenient for authoring stereo material  (say converting a sequence of SXR files into a stereo quicktime) or for splitting stereo source material into separate movies or sequences.