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RV Maya Integration

Maya Integration Upgrades the Playblast Workflow for RV Users


RV Maya/Integration brings the benefits of RV's review, playback and comparison tools to Maya's playblast workflow. The new package has been released as an open Beta with the latest version of RV.


Maya Intgration


RV's  integration with Maya helps artists organize, compare, annotate, and playback playblasts. RV provides a fully managed color environment and a whole host of tools for working with media. RV/Maya integration replaces the old-style flip/close/flip workflow. Each new playblast is opened automatically in your current RV session and named with a timestamp. So, you can easily keep track of alternate versions, compare with previous playblasts, and even render directly into an edited timeline so you can see your playblast in context.



RV/Maya is included as an optional package in all versions of RV after 3.12.15.  Instructions for turning on the optional package and using it can be found here.  Please check it out and tell us what you think. We plan to add features and fixes and we'll be glad to get ideas and feedback from users.