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RV Features

RV for Desktop and Dailies Playback





RV Key Features

  • Cross Platform 64 bit,  Linux, Mac OSX, Windows
  • 2K Uncompressed Playback from RAM or Disk
  • One-Click Remote Sync for Collaborative Review
  • Annotation/Paint Tools
  • Stereo 3D (Active and Passive)
  • Audio scrubbing/stepping with video sync
  • Color Management with Support for Linear-Light Workflow
  • Python Scriptable, Customizable Architecture
  • Realtime Hardware Color Correction

Film Resolution, Uncompressed, High-Dynamic Range Playback from RAM or Disk

RV is high performance professional playback and review application optimized for direct from disk and cached RAM playback. So, RV works everywhere from the desktop to the digital theater.

Nuke, Maya, Shotgun Native Integration 

RV works directly with Nuke, Maya, and Shotgun out of the box. RV integration goes beyond old-style flipbook workflows to tie the power and flexibility of RV's media handling to leading CG and VFX tools.

Mix Resolutions, Color Spaces, File Formats and Framerates on a single Timeline

RV's advanced media engine resizes, reformats, retimes, and color manages your media on the fly in real-time so you can mix sources without  extra work. Animators can match reference video at any frame rate against their shot at 24fps, supervisors can layer 2K renders over storyboards or half-res animation takes, editors can cut together the latest versions mixing DPX, Exr, Quicktimes of different resolutions.



Audio Scrubbing/Stepping and Timeline Magnifier with Waveform Display

RV mixes any number of audio inputs and plays them synchronized with video. RV preserves the pitch of your audio while you chage the frame rate, so your sound track is still recognizable. RV's timeline magnifier shows your waveform and lets you zoom in on a section of the timeline.

Stereoscopic Playback

3D stereo playback comes naturally to RV; anything you can do with one image you can do with stereo images. RV supports:  HDMI 1.4a, DLP projectors, cross-polarized TVs, anaglyph, old-school eye-crossing (and more).


RVIO, RV's batch processing program, handles stereo just as easily as RV; it can create stereo multi-track quicktime files and stereo OpenEXR files, or rip stereo sources to individual frames per-eye.

High Dynamic Range Pixel Management

HDR Image

High Dynamic Range image data has become common place and RV is the right tool for viewing it. Image data is kept in the best internal representation for examination and playback: 8 or 16 bit fixed point integral and 16 and 32 bit floating point imagery can be mixed together. For example, you can crunch high bit depth film images down to lower precision to fit more in cache or keep full 32 bit float data in memory to experiment with changes in exposure in real-time.

New Color Management and Color Pipeline Tools

RV's new color tools have taken color management to the next level. The color pipeline can be completely configured with any mix of color transforms in any order. RV Ships with a library of individual color operations (and inverses) such as Kodak Log, sRGB, Rec709, Matrix, CDL. These transforms can be chained together and inserted into multiple locations in RV's image processing pipeline. 

  • Color transforms can be chained into custom pipelines for complete flexibility
  • Open Color IO Support
  • PipelineGroups encapsulate custom color pipelines  
  • Use custom GLSL shaders for color operations *
  • Per display color management and display profiles for saving settings
  • Secondary color correction on any RV View

Real-Time Color Correction

RV's sophisticated color processing system supports accurate color management with built-in support for:

  • Film (Kodak Log, Viper Log)
  • HDTV Color Space (Rec709)
  • HD Reference Monitor Color Space (Rec709)
  • Computer Monitor Working Spaces (sRGB, gamma)
  • Unique Display Devices such as Digital Cinema Projectors (using HDR LUTs)

Color corrections are applied in real-time using your graphics hardware. The most important and common transfer functions like Kodak Log, sRGB, Rec.709, and basic Gamma, are built-in for maximum accuracy when used with HDR imagery. Real-time color adjustments work on the full range of your images.

Sequences, EDLs and Frame Marking

RV makes it easy to work with multiple image sequences, movies and still frames. You can load multiple clips from the command line, with drag-and-drop, or by reading a text based EDL. RV lets you mark the timeline so you can quickly navigate using hot keys. For example, a movie of a sequence can be marked at the shot boundaries so that you can skip from shot to shot or loop over each shot.

Cross-Platform, 64 Bit: Windows, Mac, and Linux

Industry Standard Image Support

OpenEXR, DPX, Cineon, JPEG, Tiff, Targa, JPEG 2000, H.264, ARRIRAW, RED and Photo/Motion JPEG Quicktime are few of the industry standard formats RV supports out of the box. I/O can be multithreaded (with any number of cores) for all image types. For formats often used for direct from disk playback,  I/O options are provided to maximize performance.

Compare, Tile, Sequence, Composite

BBB Layout


Multi-Layer Image Handling

RV handles multi-layer image files like OpenEXR. You can choose which layer to view and cache, and compare layers with A/B wipes or layouts.


Remote Sync for Collaborative Review


RV Sync Transformers


RV  can be connected over a network for remote reviews.  Annotations, Play/stop, scrub, zoom/pan, color corrections, stereo offset, and more can be selectively sent or received between participants.  RV can generate a 'Sync Link' that you can paste into chat so other artists can immediately connect up and review the same media.

Script, Customize, Extend, and Integrate

RV is highly extensible. Using Python, Javascript, network remote control, and an extensive command-line, you can fit RV into your workflow. RV is profoundly open. See the  RV Customization Page for more information. 

  • Add Menus and Menu Items.
  • Launch RV from links in web pages, emails or chat.
  • Write your own GUI tools using QT.
  • Control RV from your own apps using network remote control.
  • Open custom webpages in RV windows and control RV with javascript.
  • Write RV Session files with custom metadata.
  • Draw in RV's view using OpenGL.
  • Script rules for image handling (color, LUTs, etc.).
  • Write RV Session files with custom metadata.

You can add first class features to RV the same way our developers do. Custom Packages can be installed and managed facility wide, controlled with environment variables, or installed and managed by users via the user interface.  

Launch RV from Links Anywhere

RV can be launched from links in web pages, emails, documents, and chat windows. This makes it easy to integrate RV into your workflow whether you have an advanced production tracking system like Shotgun, or your own in-house workflow. RVlinks are special URLs that have the full power of RV's command-line interface, including the ability to control RV through the scripting language. So you can use them to do things like launch RV to A/B compare two takes, tile a directory of images, or even to automatically sync up to another user for a remote review.

User Programmable GPU Image Processing

RV enables users to playback media using custom GPU-accelerated image processing operations. RV IP operations are shaders written in OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL), can have one or more inputs, and can be top level (like an RV Sequence or Layout) or hidden inside RV's PipelineGroups.