Account Help

Logging In

To log in for the first time, click on the icon in the upper right that says "Log In". A login window will pop up that may have multiple options, including "Sign In with Google" or "Log in via email".

  • If your account is associated with a or email account, enter your email address in the box below "log in via email". After filling this and clicking "Log In", you will then see another popup that prompts you to sign in with your harvard or partners credentials.
  • If your account is associated with an email address that is linked to a Google account, click "Sign in with Google". You will then be prompted to choose the Google account or to input your email address and password.

To request a new account or if you have trouble logging in, please contact us for support at

Creating Access Keys

If you would like to upload files or submit metadata to the CGAP portal, you will need an access key. To create a new access key:

  • First make sure you are logged in.
  • Click on your account in the upper right corner of the page, and select "Profile" from the dropdown menu.
  • On your profile, there will be a button at the bottom labeled "Add access key". Click this, and a popup window containing a key and secret will pop up. Don't exit this window until you've recorded this information.
  • For submitCGAP, our CLI submission tool, this information needs to be in a file named .cgap-keys.json in your home directory. This file needs to have the following format:

    "fourfront-cgap": {
        "key": "XXXXXXXX",
        "secret": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
        "server": ""