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Customer Stories

Thousands of artists around the world rely on RV


With RV we found an elegant solution that we can customize and integrate into our pipelines for film, animation and episodic production, there are no other playback tools on the market that come close to RV’s ability to customize and seamlessly integrate within our environment, which was an absolute requirement for us.

--Richard Kerris,

Lucasfilm Chief Technology Officer:

Industrial Light & Magic
Lucasfilm Animation


This is a seriously good tool. RV is fast and light, and continues to amaze me with what can be customized in the UI via scripting. The tools that we've been able to add to tie in with our pipeline have become core productivity aids to our artists. RV rules!.

---Erik Winquist,Compositing Supervisor, Weta Digital


Digital Domain has artists, facilities, and partners all around the world. Our goal was to create a unified and universal user experience for watching dailies and conducting collaborative reviews.  With RV and RV-SDI we were able to create that experience not only within studios, but across them, remotely. It’s like having one big screening room.

--Ryan Mayeda, Tech. Project Manager, Digital Domain


LAIKA successfully used Tweak's RV toward the end of production on Coraline. We found the combination of stability, clean interface, pipeline integration features and stereoscopic playback really met our needs. We were also very pleased with the outstanding customer support . After that experience and evaluation of other alternatives, LAIKA's entertainment division has now standardized on RV as our default studio playback solution.

--Tony Aiello, R&D Software Manager,  LAIKA


We are developing our CG pipeline on Linux and we are fitting RV in pretty much everywhere we can. To start with, we are using it for lip sync tests and playblasting because it is frame accurate and syncs the sound nicely. It’s pretty much the only player we’ve tried that does that. On Linux, as far as I am aware, there is no good alternative.

--Tom Downes, Pipeline Lead, Aardman Studios


Above all, RV is a tool for artists. It is clean and elegant and adaptable to however you want to work.

--Scott Liedtka, VFX Supevisor, Tippett Studio


We couldn’t have done what we did for this episode of Fringe without RV as a component to stitch together the editorial story.

-—Andrew Orloff, Zoic Visual Effects Supervisor, “Fringe”


RV has been very easy to integrate into our production workflow. RV's features and flexibility give the user the ability to customize it to their specific needs for any given task or procedure. Most important is that the tool is artist friendly and easy to learn. It’s a great tool that scales for our production needs.

--Tony Plett, Managing Digital Supervisor, Lucasfilm Animation.


RV/Nuke integration opens up a whole new workflow that makes Nuke and RV more valuable together than they are individually. Every artist and supervisor will benefit from these features and will never want to work without them again. Just awesome!

--Frank Rueter, Compositing supervisor and Director of OHUfx / founder of Nukepedia.


RV is a significant help to our artists. It helps them manage the film color pipeline and provides a great tool to review their work.

-—Shawn Walsh, Visual Effects Executive Producer and Partner at Image Engine.


RV is very open and light; it’s flexible and can be put into modular pipelines very easily.

-—Joerg Bruemmer, head of compositing. Pictorion das werk.


We liked RV's simple, clean interface immediately. The fact that the software was very open meant that we could integrate it into most of our workflow, which we did by writing both Mu code and using the Python library to integrate RV into our tools — specifically, into our production management and dailies systems, render farm and Nuke for 2D and color management.

-—Fredrik Limsater, CTO, Fido.