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Tweak Software Products


RV and RVIO are available directly from Autodesk 

(No Shotgun Subscription is Required)

If you would like to purchase any of our products please email us.


RV solo license (floating or node-locked):        $299

RVIO license (floating or node-locked):             $199

RV/RVIO Bundle (floating or node-locked):       $399

RV-SDI (SDI functionality now supported by RV Solo)*

RV solo includes:

  • RV image and sequence viewer
  • RV-SDI functionality
  • RV Packages (coding examples, new features, etc.)
  • RVLS image info tool
  • RVPush remote control tool
  • Mu Source code for RV's UI
  • GLSL shader development and Node publishing
  • Note: Media export functionality is now included with an RV solo license; a separate RVIO license is no longer required.

RVIO includes

  • RVIO image, movie and audio conversion tool
  • Hardware accelerated RVIO_HW for systems with graphics cards
  • Software only RVIO for running on the farm (linux only)
  • RVLS image info tool
  • Example scripts for slating, burn-ins, watermarking
  • Note: Media export functionality is now included with any RV solo or RV-SDI license; a separate RVIO license is no longer required for export purposes.

RV/RVIO Bundle includes

  • One each individual RV and RVIO licenses

* RV-SDI:  (RV-SDI functionality is now supported with RV Solo license)



All licenses are perpetual. Newly purchased licenses include one year of Awesome Support, described below. RV and RVIO are under active development with many new features in the works.  Support and maintenance can be purchased for additional consecutive years at the following prices:

RV solo:   $99/year 

RVIO:       $49/year 

RV Lighter Darker

















Awesome Support.  You are entitled to receive the following support benefits for a period of 1 year from the date of your license purchase.

  • Email support (24 hour response target, M-F Pacific Time)*
  • Community support via Tweak’s forums
  • Software updates, which may include bug fixes and feature enhancements, as available


Support Exclusions. 

We are not obligated to provide support for circumstances resulting from: (a) operation of a computer used to access the licensed software in environmental conditions outside those prescribed by the computer manufacturer; (b) operation of the licensed software with third party software and/or hardware other than that specified in any applicable system requirements and/or documentation; (c) failure to maintain the computer from which the licensed software is accessed in accordance with standards prescribed by the computer manufacturer; (d) failure to ensure that your personnel and staff are fully trained in the use and operation of licensed software; (e) your computer hardware failing to meet the minimum specification prescribed by to access the licensed software; (f) accessing the licensed software using third party software, firmware, and/or hardware, other than third party operating system software specified by us; or(g) use and access of the licensed other than in accordance with the applicable software license agreement.

 Support Conditions.  

As a condition of your entitlement to receive support, you must:  (a) ensure that your users submit support requests in accordance with these terms and conditions; (b) ensure that you or your users provide such information as may reasonably be required by us in order to provide support; (c) follow any problem determination, problem analysis, and service request procedures we provide; (d) follow all guidance we provide related to proper use of licensed software features; (e) provide your users with the latest documentation for the licensed software.

Contacting Support.   To submit a support request, submit your request in our online forums or e-mail it to:

Scope of Support.  Support for, shall be provided to you via your personnel.  Delivery of support shall be governed exclusively by these terms.  You acknowledge and agree that support is provided solely for your internal use to support you and your users’ use of the software.  While our support team will try to exceed your expectations, the limitations, conditions and restrictions in these terms, including, but not limited to, the General Conditions, Restrictions and Limitations described below, apply.

General Conditions, Restrictions and Limitations.  We do not guarantee that any of the tips, tricks, examples or suggestions outlined in any product support technical documents or support request responses will resolve a support request; correct any issues identified or meet your expectations or requirements.  Support request responses, technical documents, fixes, patches and workarounds are subject to change without notice to you.  We provide technical documents, fixes patches and workarounds and support request responses "as is" without warranty of any kind, whether express or implied, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. In no event shall we or our suppliers be liable for any damages whatsoever including, but not limited to, direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, loss of data, or loss of business profits or special damages, that may occur as a result of implementing any fix, patch or workaround, or any suggestion outlined in any product support technical document or provided to you by our technical support personnel, even if we or our suppliers have been advised of the possibility of such damages.