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Digital Review Tools for VFX, Animation, Film, and Television Post Production 

RV Star Trek



PLAYBACK of mixed resolutions, formats, and  framerates. (DPX, OpenEXR, H.264, and many more). Review in context on the desktop and in the theater.

COLLABORATE with annotation and synchronized remote review.

shots with wipes, A/B, tiled contact sheets.

with scriptable interface, remote control over the network, rich command line, and deep web integration.

and transcode frames, movies, and audio formats.

RV 4.0 is Here!

RV 4.0 is the next stage in our effort to build great tools for VFX and animation artists. It is built on the RVX Core, a new GPU accelerated image processing architecture that combines fast IO, resolution-independent image handling, a floating point image pipeline,  advanced color management, and user-programmable image processing. See what's new in RV 4.0.

RV 4.0 Banner

RV 4.0 is already proving to have great new capabilities. During our extensive beta testing, we developed a custom GLSL shader to display any out-of-gamut pixels when converting images between different color spaces.

Damien Fagnou, Global Head of Software, MPC.